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 Website designed by : Hazem Ali El-Oraby -  


    Sending SMS in Arabic language is a new feature added to  Website designed by : Hazem Ali El-Oraby -

     Website designed by : Hazem Ali El-Oraby - will allow you to send 2 free Arabic SMS's per day. This limitation is imposed by the server and not by  Website designed by : Hazem Ali El-Oraby - .

     Website designed by : Hazem Ali El-Oraby - will warn you if you try to send more than 2 SMS's on the same day. It will also give you the option to try and send the SMS even though you have already sent 2 messages already. This may work, click here to understand why?

    Make sure that the person you are sending the Arabic SMS to, has a cellular phone that supports Arabic language. If the phone does not support Arabic language, the SMS will appear as big black boxes.

     To switch to Arabic text press the ALT key and Right Ctrl key together. To return to English text press the ALT key and Left Ctrl Key together. You can mix Arabic and English characters in the same SMS, you can also enter numbers.

    Sending an SMS in Arabic language means using a special type of coding for the SMS, therefore you are only allowed 70 characters per SMS. Make sure you write your name at the end of the SMS because your signature will not be added to the outgoing SMS. Also note that the Strip and Squeeze functions will not work with the Arabic language due to its unique form of writing.

    For  Website designed by : Hazem Ali El-Oraby - to send Arabic SMS's, it has to use the UCS2 coding. This is an international character set. What this means is that, even though  Website designed by : Hazem Ali El-Oraby - says that it only sends Arabic SMS's, the truth is that it can send in any language including Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Tai, etc... But the recipient's phone must also support these languages in order to view the SMS correctly. Theoretically this should work, but practically, I haven't got the slightest idea if it works or not, so I guess you you have to try this for yourself.

Sending more than 2 Arabic SMS's per day may work or it may not, why?

    The server keeps track of the SMS's sent each day by storing your IP address. If it finds that this IP address has already sent 2 SMS's today, it will prevent you from sending any more SMS's. 

    Since most of us use an ISP to connect to the internet, we get a temporary IP address each time we login. Each ISP has hundreds of dynamic IP address which it relocates to its subscribers as they login. This may mean that you can get a different IP address if you reconnect to the internet. When you try to send an SMS, the server will detect the new IP address and allow you to send 2 more SMS's for that day. In that case you are lucky.

    But since the old IP address is still there, someone else might get it, and when he tries to send an SMS from the server, the server tells him that he has used up the 2 free SMS's for the day, even though he didn't send anything, you did. Unlucky for him. But it could happen to you.


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